Role: Co-Lead Developer, Music Producer, Puzzle Designer, Story writer

Name: Noah

Country: Germany

Birthday: 22.05.2003

Hi, my name is Noah. I am 14 Years old and live in Germany, Northrine Westphalia. I've met Stefan on Discord (Tewan) at February first of 2017. Portal: Revolution was my first project. Since i had nothing to do, I've joined Tewan's Team. I wanted to help out with making music, but I had no experience at all, so I had to start from scratch. I've got the motivation from Harry101UK and a lot of little musicians from the Undertale community. Writing music is something, everyone can do. It just depends on the taste and the right mix of instruments. If you're trying to make music, have fun and don't push yourself. I recommend FL Studio 12, it has a great layout and is very simple to use. Making music can take time, but more important, it takes ideas and inspiration. If someone wants to contact me, so please ask me on our Discord Server and tag me with @ZRezlon